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Magnetic Oil Filters

magnetic oil filters

magnetic oil filters - Engine Oil

Engine Oil Filter "Magnetizer"

Engine Oil Filter "Magnetizer"

Traditional engine oil filter uses filter paper as filtering medium, which is capable of filtering out ground particles and foreign matters only above 13.6 microns. That means there are still 40% or so subtle metal particles circulating with the engine oil to decrease the lubricant effect, increase frictions among machine parts, scraping of cylinder wall, and eventually cause reduced engine power, increased oil consumption and advanced major repair of engine. Made of permanent magnetic materials, our product utilizes magnetic flux magnifying and magnetic field assembling technologies. Apply to the back of engine oil filter; it can immediately form powerful magnetic field within the filter to effectively adsorb subtle metal particles that otherwise can not be filtered off to the inner wall of filter. The result is self-evident and can not be compared by any other general chemical additives or similar products. It is a real maintenance and gas saver! The experiment has revealed that our product effectively absorb metal ground particles as long as they are above 1.6 microns, so as to increase the filtering effect by more than 40%. The filtering rate is as high as 99%. Reusable, Lifetime warranty

87% (11)

different day- same dorkiness!

different day- same dorkiness!

Annual is done! Not too much wrong. Elevator bearing replaced, all scat hoses replaced, timmed, plugs cleanned, made new brake line for left side caliper to line. Measure brake discs and bled brakes, cleanned engine to check for oil leaks on run up, checked torque on everything, wings openned and inspected,flap gear screw greased along with all moving parts lubed and oleo serviced with nirtogen. Flight control cable tension checked and looked for chafing or any rubbing on all lines, wires, hoses and metal pieces. Engine oil change and oil screen inspected for magnetic metal particles. Fuel selector valve lubed and fuel screen cleanned. Front tire got a new skin and tube, bearings on all tri-cycle gear wheels cleanned and re-greased. Waiting on air filter and AN3-3A bolt for carb. heat linkage to actuator. (the old one was worn almost through.) ELT is going to Regina for a new battery and re-certification.
It was a good two days.

Suspension parts and others 1

Suspension parts and others 1

SPL Multi Link
Couplers & T-Clamps
Motul 8100 XCESS 5w40
Nismo Dildo Shift Knob
SR20DET Oil Filter
Magnetic Oil drain plug
Solid Steering rack bushing

magnetic oil filters

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