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Sunterra Pond Filter. Fax Dsl Filter. Diesel Filter Housing.

Sunterra Pond Filter

sunterra pond filter

sunterra pond filter - Tetra Pond

Tetra Pond GreenFree Clarifier UV3, 36 Watts, Ponds up to 8800 Gallons

Tetra Pond GreenFree Clarifier UV3, 36 Watts, Ponds up to 8800 Gallons

Tetra Pond GreenFree Clarifier UV 3 includes a 36 watt UV Clarifier and is designed for ponds up to 8800 gallons. Dependable clarifiers use ultraviolet light to destroy the reproductive ability of suspended algae. Dead algae clump together in particles large enough to be removed by filtration, leaving the pond clearer. GreenFree clarifiers usually remove heavy algae blooms within five days and keep the pond algae-free. They are easy to conceal, durable, and install in minutes. UL listed with a 3 year limited warranty. Includes fittings for tubing 1", 1 1/4," 1 1/2" ID. Max flow of 4400 GPH.

84% (19)

Wayfinding & Signage SunTerra Market

Wayfinding & Signage SunTerra Market

Wayfinding, signage and environmental graphic design for SunTerra Market at Keynote in downtown Calgary

Benal Beach (ap 705 Block 1)

Benal Beach (ap 705 Block 1)

One bedroom. Fantastic view of the full length of sea front. Sun on balcony in morning

sunterra pond filter

sunterra pond filter

Sunterra 137016 Extra Large Fountain Pump, 320 GPH, Black

Sunterra's clean water fountain pumps provide the appropriate water flow for varying fountain sizes and have a one year limited warranty. They operate efficiently for extended periods of time with no regular maintenance. These pumps should be used in clean water to avoid any interference with pump operation. The lift of the pump is important to consider when the pump is required to power a fountain, feature, stream or waterfall. The lift is the number of gallons a pump will push per hour to a specific height. This particular fountain pump is 320 gallons per hour and has a 8 foot maximum lift. This pump will fit into a Sunterra Pre-Filter box and may be used for water accent applications. It is 120 volts has a 16 foot power cord and is UL listed.

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